Helló zene szerelmeseinek!

According to Sören, the best thing BEFORE sliced bread, was sliced cheese. Not sure how true this is, but I’ll let it slip for now. Weather is still great, and we are more or less on schedule.

The Tait crew is keeping full speed ahead! The foundation of the SR arc is almost done.

We also got trap stairs on the first shipment. I wonder what we will launch with them? Well……….. It’s for us to know, and you to figure out.

The decks for lighting and video FOH were put into position this morning. Sound will go in front, on the floor.

Andre’, one of our runners, was happy to help Angry to roll in all the stuff for FOH.

Another dear old friend in da house! Dana Cicin-Angul ladies and gentlemen! One of my favorite girls in life!

And here is another one! Angelika (Geele) Apell. Both here working as lighting techs for Starlight/PRG. I love having girls in my crew.

Here is a pretty new thing! The Sharpy Wash! We’ve 75 of them, which is most probably a world record. We also have 200 Sharpys, which is a world record for sure.

The followspot buss stops were rolled in and hung today as well. Now we just need operators that dare to go up there………….

AHA! Here is another good old friend in da house! Abbe Westerlundh ladies and gentlemen! I got to know Abbe back in 1997, when I started at Spectra, where we worked together on and off for many years. We both finally left in late 2006, and two years later the company went down in flames. Coincidence……..? I don’t think so……… Abbe works for Barco these days, who is one of our technical event suppliers. Here to do the set up of the Encore system.

And here are two of the 120 000€ projectors that will get their feed from the Encore. There are 27 more on their way in. Let me introcuce Barco HDQ 2K40, the BRIGHTEST video projector in the world.

And what feeds the Encore you might wonder! A whole flock of Hippotizers of course! Which explains why one of our favorite

are here! Johan West ladies and gentlemen! Will dig deep into the wonderful world of video a bit further down the road! And we’ll dig into the other Finnpajsarna as well!

We’re in such good shape that all the guitars already showed up too! All equipped with an AWESOME Swedish invention called True Temperament, here demonstrated by our wonderful Stage Manager Micke Lindström.


I think I need to play some now!


See y’all tomorrow!

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