Yet another day in Paradise!

It feels extra good, since I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.

Everything is still pretty much on track, and we are on schedule.

So far, so good!

9 a.m. Day 3

Our Headriggers going over the plot, making sure that we’re getting everything into the VERY crowded roof.

From left: Michael Steuber, Manni Janssen, and Mirko Hentze

All the bumpers and rigging points are done for the mothergrid, so there was no turning back…….

Might as well start get started with building this monster!

Here is a new acquaintance! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce Mr. Gregory Antropov, our local Production Damager. If you’ve ever been on a tour passing Russia, you most probably bumped into this crazy guy! He fits right into the general madness!!!

Some of the around 350 chainhoist we are using in this show.

Arthur and German trying to keep of with all our requests for furniture, water coolers, printers, phones internet lines and god knows what. Thank You guys! YOU ROCK!

One is working, one is happy……… this is how we share within the company……….

Let me introduce our production assistant , Joan Lyman Melzig!

What a COOL last name!!!!!!!!

And, in the middle of everything, there is a bookfair! No, I’m not kidding! This is what we walk through on the way to catering every day!

Still haven’t found anything of interest though……

So, since me and Tarmo Krimm are clumsy idiots, we managed to set the resolution on the video scaler in my partybox to an output that the monitor couldn’t handle. Thank God that I have a whole crew of geniuses that can help me!  BIG THANKS TO: Leif Niederhuefner, Philip Hagen and Daniel Zaffke

I’m happy as a tornado in a trailer park over my new kick bike extreme!

SO, after messing up my party box, Tarmo was kicked out of the office, and spent the rest of the day on the phone, out in the arena, most probably complaining about me!


Arena good bye! Holiday Inn Hallo!

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