April 17



Terve as they say in Finland! Or Moinsen as they say in Hamburg!

Another day in the giltter cave…………

After introducing our Head of Dimmer Gustaf yesterday, we might as well introduce the Stage Left Dimmer city that is hosted up on the bleacher behind the stage. We have an identical mirrored dimmer city on Stage Right.

I think this shot really describes exactly how many layers of set, light and video that we have in this show, and the enormous physical depth we have on top of that. Call me cocky, but I can already now guarantee you that this will be the best Eurovision Song Contest EVER.

Here are the lights in the very last layer of our set.

In this layer is also where you will find these babies. Our latest toy! Barco HDQ 40 with High End MMS! We expect some kick ass aerial beam effects out of these monsters. We’ve six of them configured like this.

Here are three of the 70 custom brackets that Litecom created for us so we could do outrigs for lights in front of the permanently installed perimeter board that we are not using anyway in this show.

We’ve decided that this is the home position of the built in stage trusses that are operated with Cyberhoist. The reason for this is that they are equipped with a total of 38 Clay Paky Mythos, which would melt the poor LED screen into pieces if the operators forgot and left any of these fixtures on, pointing in the wrong direction.

We also have Clay Paky Mythos built into the lower end of the roof arcs. So, more things to set fire to…………

Camera is coming in tomorrow, so we finalized all risers for cranes and dollies today.

The underworld is coming together quite nice as well. Here is the ramp that we will use to get all props and backline from the props storage out in the loading area to the onstage prop storage at full stage height.

We also started with the 6 Audience screens that we need to put up, since we had to move the Jumbotron. We’re using regular projection screens and the new Barco HDX W20 projectors, to keep the weight down to a minimum.

Can you do a Eurovision without a 102″ Monitor? No, are you crazy!?!?! Of course not! Playstation 4 is on its way to the venue as we speak.

Lights on! Tomorrow our FOH crew arrives, so we better make sure that everything works and is up and running before then, since they are such drama queens…………… 🙂

How many lighting techs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Nothing happens on that @#$%ing side of the stage anyway!

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