April 17

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hoppsan and Hejsan! The sun is shining, we are doing awesome and I hope the same for you dear readers! I thought about something really clever to write as an opening line for today’s update, but I completely forgot it, so I guess you have to live your lives without those words of wisdom………. Here we go with April 17!

The spheres came into position on time, the lightboxes are working well, and all is happy as a pig in poo regarding this part of the stage. Thank you stage and rigging team for sorting this out!

OperTec is finalizing the rigging of their 2-D camera. We’ll do a first test with it tomorrow morning!

And you will find their winch farm behind lighting FOH. I guess this hot dog stand will not do that great during this show……..

Second camera is also in da house. This 21 meter crane is located in the far back, right next to the Green Room.

And here she is! The stage for Eurovision Song Contest 2018! We will call her Hilda! Why? Why not?

We have a total of 22 different fixture types in this show. Say hello to some of our 68 Vari*Lite WashBeams!

Here he is! The most romantic Lighting Designer in the world, in his kingdom! Jerry Appelt and his operators moved into their FOH today. Tomorrow we kill house lights at 18:00, so they can start some proper programming.

Security guy: “You are freaking crazy! What the hell did you just build?????”

Me: “A small modest bridge to support the outer ribs on SL and SR. What’s the big deal?”

Time for the daily fill up in the generator compound.

Say HELLO to two of the most important people in our show: Pedro Miguel and Paula Macedo are our Multi Camera Directors for our three broadcasts!

Video of the day…… Loved this performance, and of course, check out the steadi cam run that starts at 2:17 into the song!

Here’s how that camera shot was done!

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