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Over 3 000 000 hits in 16 days. What can I say? THANK YOU!
But I will say something completely different to our webhotel tomorrow when I call them………. I’m super sorry that there have been some problems with loading this page over the weekend.


I thought we would do another round of presentations today. And whom better to start with than our Head of Production – Tobias Åberg! I’m sure most of you recognize him from a bunch of previous Eurovision diarys. You should, he has been my assistant technical director on 8 Eurovisions! But now the table has turned and he is my boss!

Here is our Head of Dimmer – Gustaf Tydén. Always good to see a smiling face!

Here is one of our dear stagehands – Kevin Moorhouse. He will jump over to followspots once we hit rehearsals in a week. I would like to take the opportunity to send a special BIG THANK YOU to ALL our stagehands. You are a major reason why we are in such good shape when it comes to the schedule. Keep up the good work guys! You are ROCK STARS in my book! Why is there is a truck full of trees being unloaded?……. can’t tell you – will have to kill you if I do………..

Daniel Erlandsson is our Operation Manager. Besides having VERY loud wallpaper, he also has the secret code to the locker with all elevetor cards, forklift and boom lift keys, and our pimped production cars. If you’re not nice to this man, your daily life at the Globe can be quite brutal. I give him cookies!

Here is our Assistant Head of Production, Lotta Reisch Jensen. I’ve done several Nobel Award shows with this lovely gal in the past. But you know……. even after all the hundreds of TV shows that Lotta has been involved in, she has still not learned to look into the lens of a camera…….. We’ll try this again tomorrow!

My partner in crime! Pelle Hövde is Technical Director for Broadcast, so he is in charge of cameras, cranes, commentator boxes, intercom and OB trucks. Can you please hurry up with your crap sir? I’m more or less done with mine! 🙂 And don’t give me that look…………

To the left is yet another one of the superstars in my crew. Per Andersson is, besides head of the workshop at SVT, also my line manager for the stage construction. And I’ve got to tell you, the quality of the product that he is delivering together with his carpenters, like Håkan Rubin to the right, is absolutely WORLD CLASS! Thank you SO much for all your hard work the past 7 months. We’re ALMOST there!

Sara Svensson is AWESOME! Not only because she has that picture on the wall behind her desk……… She is one of Tobias Åberg’s production assistants, and there are few things in this project that she doesn’t have on her radar. She just turned 26……..AGAIN, hence the flowers in the back!

Another one with long hair, but far from as pretty as Sara is my Technical Manager for Stage, Tobbe Magnesved Berg. Besides that, he is also the stage manager who is in charge of the 40 strong crew to do all the change overs in all rehearsals and three TV shows. This guy is the BEST stage manager that I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many. But NO ONE is SO hard to surprise as Tobbe! I believe this is Eurovision 7 we do together!

How many Lighting Designers does it take to change a lightbulb?
After a long conference, it was decided to use several fresnels, and ellipsoidal, warm tones for a cozy atmosphere and a strobe to create lightning striking in the background for that stormy effect. Also several gobos will be used for tree patterns on the cyc. What was the question again?

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