April 15

 In Eurovision Diary 2018

Hejsan Hejsan! Here we go again! Today’s report from the hidden country where dreams come true.

In the complete lack of BBQ, we decided to bring a different type of ribs today……..

These beasts are the last layer of the set, and form the physical backwall of our set. We have 28 pairs of ribs, the shortest 4,5 meters tall, the longest one, like the one on this image, 13,5 meters tall.

And look how happy I was!

And look how ecstatic Per-Arne was! I’m pretty sure that Ana Maria and the rest of EPC thinks that we are their weirdest client so far………..

Here is another one of the long ribs coming into the venue.

Once paired up, they are connected with an axel.

Then they are lifted into their postiion in the ground support structure.

Looking like this once that part of the job is done.

This was all overseen by Aleksander Parfenyuk from Opertec that really believes that staging should be ready enough for them to start installing camera rails. Hold your horses cowboy! Your time will come!

While Erik was very happy to  get into the final phase of the build up of staging.

Look how pretty! Spheres are almost in position as well. Things are coming together quite nicely! Or as Johannes, our production head rigger said: “Things are starting to fall into place.” I claim that this might not be a great line coming from a head rigger……….

This is how it looked like this morning.

The EPC night shift has been working hard, and all the ground based ribs are in position. Next task is to build the ballast towers so we can install the 28 Cyberhoists that will add motion to this install.

If you see an empty space anywhere in the venue, you can be sure that thre is a floor light showing up there within soon………… Here are some of the 169 Sharpy Wash that we have in our show.

But what on earth is this???? Maybe it’s something that will fill the hole in the stage, that we talked about yesterday! Maybe it’s really cool lifts that will do something really cool! Maybe there is only four of these lifts in the entire world!
So many maybes……………..

I like entering my office from the north side, becuase there you always get a warm smiling welcome from Inês Oliveira Pires who works in Operations with Ana. Here together with one of our runners, Victor Figueiredo. Thanks for all the smiles Inês! And of course thank you for all the food tickets 🙂

Tarmo hanging out with José Luís Lourenço, the Production Manager from Altice Arena.

I decided to continue this thing with favorite Eurovision Songs of mine. Because I can!

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