I knooooooooow, most of you don’t celebrate Easter until tomorrow, but who cares, today is the day in Sweden, and since this is my blog, you just have to live with it!

So…. fridge thief and lighting designer Jerry Appelt strikes again……..But of course he didn’t come to steal my couch himself………… He has people………..Everyone in this picture just lost the right to go to Euroclub on their accreditation……. we will get back to these criminals later………

The sub structure for our grand stands are more or less ready, and the seats are being installed. Progress every day!

Still a ways to go though. And I know, it’s a shocker……. but the seats are yellow and blue!

Stage is almost ready as well. We’ve been working extra hard the past couple of days to catch up enough for us to have a LEGENDARY Easter Party at the Bratislava Hotel tonight. There might be some pictures of this tomorrow……….

Our B-stage is also completed and put into position.

And our Green Room is making progress as well. All good gummi snodd!

We have identified one of the couch thiefs as Markus Ruhnke – He is doing keylights when he’s not out and about stealing my stuff during the night shift. Please do ask him what happened at Pizzeria Napule last time he was in Kyiv in 2013………..

I see a My Little Pony and a Turkish carpet used as a mouse pad. What do you see? Joan! I got nothing……….

JLM: Last year all the operators named their sessions after My Little Pony characters. That’s all…I just wondered if this fascination with these small horses was coincidental?  My Little Pony 2016

Name:  Sarah Adams “Sadams”

Title:  Production Manager Hall 1

OM: So, you are from New Zealand right?  SA: Yes.  OM: What happened to Old Zealand?  SA: Weirdo

OM: But you lived in Australia as well?  SA: Yes.  OM: Oh, so you speak boomerang?  SA: What?  OM: The local language.  SA: Weirdo

OM: Did you hear about the news on the TV last week?  SA: What?  OM: All kangaroos hopped in the ocean and swam from Australia to New Zealand!  SA: Nooooo Way!  OM: Yes, this is true, because they’d rather get f****d than shot!  SA: Hahahahahahaha, you are SO weird!  OM: Well…… two days ago they came back to Australia.  SA: Really? Why?  OM: The sex wasn’t that great!  SA: I’m leaving now………….


[JLM: And he takes jabs at my material???]

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