Hey hey hey!
More or less everyone in the crew has caught a cold, which makes the days feel so much longer. But we are striving on and are still 36 hours ahead of schedule.

Here is Proppen! We are welcomed by his warm smile every morning in the Eurovision crew entrance. Actually, he is the welcoming face at the crew entrance of pretty much any show passing through Stockholm, and has been since the 80’s. Joan named this picture PROPPE, so I guess you have a new nickname now………

The LED back wall is ready, and so are the arcs. So today it was time to start with the actual stage deck.

Still got my Segway…………. 🙂

We’ve started with the subfloor of the stage as well today, parallel with the stage floor being built. The sub floor is the home of a bunch of Sharpys outlining the stage, and all the pyro firing ramps.

I know……… Even with a bit more than 800sqm, it was hard to let go of the REALLY big projectors completely……. We will do something cooler than sliced cheese with them! You just wait and see. We have a total of 12 this year.

And Dala-Per continues to shine with his very impressive collection of crew shirts from Eurovision Song Contest 2000!

The cases with our LED floor are lined up and ready to go. But they just have to wait till tomorrow to get installed.

Some of us are SO busy and work SO hard that their underwear is ripping apart! Or is this like a new half thong fashion?

Last production meeting regarding openings and intervals is in the can! Our show producer Sven Stojanovic, yes, you read right, he was the multicamera director for Eurovision Song Contest 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2008, and his team has some amazing stuff coming up for you, and quite a lot of headache coming up for me and my team. The things you do for culture………… 🙂

In the dark waters of the backstage left rests the video city. Look at this cable management. Job well done guys!

We rounded up last night with a visit from my very awesome son Kim, swinging by the venue in my very awesome car. He was there on a special mission.

Five minutes later, I finally got to use my silly Segway bag and filled it up with the four kilos of YUMMI stuff. Chorizo Iberico Bellota, Salami Calabra, Salami Felino, Salami Truffle, Salchichon Navarte Extra and 1kg of duck liver terrine. Me and my line managers will have a cozy evening in the technical production office tomorrow night!

Over and out!

**A note from Joan: Regarding my accidental nicknames Brodde and Proppe, in my defense, since I’ve lived in Sweden I’ve known Tobbe, Uffe, Calle, Sebbe, Lasse, Abbe, Danne, Janne, Henke, Micke……shall I go on? Anyway, I just sensed a theme. Oops. 🙂

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