You guys are crazy! We’ve already 1 420 123 hits in April. Who would have thought that when I did my first Eurovision Diary back in 2002 from Estonia. Back then, it was written in Swedish, and was only done so family and loved ones of my crew could follow our adventures in the Wild East.
You guys are amazing, thank you SO much for reading my rantings…………. LÖVE YOU!

And speaking of LÖVE! His nickname is Angry, but Peter Andersson might be the happiest and kindest person I know. He got his nickname from Bullen by the way, back in the late 90’s when they were doing the grand opening of carbo box factory. Sounds exciting! Anyway, he turned 27 (again) yesterday, so silly hat, lots of balloons, and cake again!

Weather is getting better again, so why not celebrate that with a romantic lunch on a road case. Robban and Erik together with a crazy woman from New Zealand – Sarah Adams. We’ll get back to this wild child later!

Whoooooohoooooooooo! We finally got a second fridge in the production office. Two minutes after this picture was taken, they took it away and brought it up to FOH. WTF?????

Whoooop Whooooop! The most expensive RV is here! This is our main OB truck in position in the TV compound. We’ll go into detail about this baby later.

This is our back up truck that runs parallel with the main truck. We’ll come back to that one too!

Here is the sound truck. This is where we mix the broadcast sound. We use the sound room in the main OB truck as a back up for this one. We’ll revisit this one as well!

And here it is! Our stage! Designed by Florian Wieder and built by Unbranded.

Here is the bigger picture, with cherry pickers and other crap in front of it. We’ll clean the floor one of these days…….. I promise.

And here he is…… the fridge thief and Lighting Designer Jerry Appelt! Welcome to Kyiv buddy!

Why isn’t phonetic spelled the way it sounds?

So many questions………..

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