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Over the years, I’ve received the same question many times, but never quite covered it in the diary. So I guess it’s about time!

How does the creative communication between the host broadcaster and the delegations work during pre production?

This is how it works:

Approx two months prior to the final broadcast, all the delegations are invited to the Head of Delegation meeting in the host city, to receive detailed information about the city, the venue, the stage, hotels, shuttles, press, hair, make up, and the event in general. So everything they need to know for them to plan their performance and their visit, in detail.

The meeting started with an official welcome dinner at the City Hall, where Christer, after so many years, working so hard for Sweden to win, could hold his welcome speech, starting with ¨Dear friends, I’ve been waiting so many years for this moment, and it’s with great honor and pride, I welcome you to my country¨

Good stuff!

After so many years within the show, you know all the HOD’s, and you’re all a big happy Eurovision family, traveling from city to city, listening to way too much schlager, at least in the opinion of a guy that grew up with Motörhead and Iron Maiden, and thinks that Rammstein is the best thing since sliced bread. Here posing with the lovely Emilie Sickinghe who is the Head of Delegation for The Netherlands. You better bring Bitterballen back to me when you return to Malmö girl!

And here with the Mayor of Malmö, Mr Kent Andersson, who gave me a coin with the coat of arms, given to Malmö by King Erik av Pommern in 1437. The Malmö coat of arms is the oldest one in Sweden, so all other citys: SOD OFF!

Next morning, we all went to Slagthuset, that will host Euroclub in May. Here with Christer presenting the creative concept of the show. Besides that, Sven Stojanovic presented the idea behind the postcards, Daniel Jelinek presented the camera layout, our dear viewing room producer Stuart Barlow told about how the creative dialog works, and what the Delegations can, and can’t do. And also begging those delegations that still hadn’t filed the look and feel document to please do so.

And the audience was listening very carefully, taking lots of notes, and asking valid questions.

We rounded up the evening with a nice dinner at Slagthuset, with a crazy fun band as entertainment.

And then it was time to hit the bar, for some more entertainment.

See how entertaining Sven is! Strawberry juice is da sheit!

5 days later, Stuart and his assistant Hanna gathered us all for a two day run through of all the songs, all mood boards, and all wishes regarding lighting, video content, staging, props and pyro, and we decided who would get what. It sounds simple, but this is really hard core work.

Here is a good example of a country describing what they would like to see during their three minutes on stage.


After this weekend, we had all the information that we needed, and all decisions made, so Daniel could start scripting the songs, and Fredrik & Mikki could start the virtual programming of lighting and video content. Of course the creative discussions with each delegation will continue all the way up to the final broadcast, but we’re on the right track.

And of course there is a lot more to it that described above, but in general, this is how things are rolling.

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