But no days off for us Frown

But, tonight we’ll all go to a restaurant called Munchen and get traditional German food, and maybe a beer or two. I’m really excited about this, since it has been 12 VERY hard days for the crew so far, and they need to be cheered up!

I hope this will do the trick! We’ll post pictures from the Easter vendetta tomorrow!

Today we started to rigg the lights going up in the scaff, 135 Alpha Spot HPE 1200 from Clay Paky and 75 Martin Atomic Strobes with colour changers and 75 4-lite strips, to mention a few of the things in this construction.

Our Video Crew Chief Marco Scholwin and Tino Mueller having too much fun!

Most parts of the ¨Ring from hell¨ are up now, and the back wall, made out of Stealth from Element Labs are coming up as well.

Here is Yves Winand, Detlef Liem  and Philip Hagen, 3 out of the totally 20 guys in the video crew. I asked them if they knew what the sound guys are doing, and they are clueless, like the rest of us!

Ulf  Richter, our Master Electrician is pretty happy with the situation.

Fabian Rudolph and Niklas Philpsson focused on the mission, or watching the latest episode of The Simpsons…..

Our runner Dima, he drives like a maniac, and we LOVE him!

I guess I will be accused of putting up the sign posted under the catering, but believe or not, I’m INNOCENT! I swear! But agree with it!

The food in the catering is farily well cooked, and taste pretty good. The problem is that there is

no variation whatsoever. Here is a picture of four different red beets salads to prove my point……..

Our accreditation manager Anna, entering the helmet competition with this beautiful piece!

Joan’s helmet is purely informational: I don’t speak Russian, I don’t speak German, I don’t speak Swedish.

She DOES speak English though!

Lestyn and Nick bringing up the fixtures in the scaff.

Rich claims that this is Al Gurdons FAVORITE gobo.  I hope he’s lying!

Rich, seriously……………….. We need to have a talk………………..

Kai Brune, Ralf Matthiä, Marcus Neumeier and Michael Bluhm taking a short break, before heading back up in the roof for some more rigging.

While Andy chills in the Visual Act lounge. He bought the table cloth from a guy at the book fair for 50 roubles.

Sign of the day!

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