April 10


Off we go with another day of many! The glitter cave continues to make progress and the weather is getting warmer by the minute!

Say HELLO to our Senior Legal Adviser Tomer Karni. He wasn’t smiling this much when we were in the middle of the procurement process………

Litecom has installed their PDU’s for the backwall and floor lights on the upstage platform. Half way into this project, we discovered a secret floor in Pavillion 2 that was not marked out on any drawings. We discovered that we could make holes in the walls between that floor and the venue hall, so most of our PDU’s are up there. I’ll make sure to walk down there and take some pictures any day now. I promise!

The two main Prism legs were put into position and rigged today. All four legs are rigged on variable speed hoists provived by Stage Kinetik.

The big legs are 26 meters long and the short ones are 18 meters. So, as most other things here, it ain’t small!

The Irgunit crew being busy with installing the 1 200 meters of LED strip light in the Prism legs.

There is ALWAYS time for a hug and a kiss! Our TV Producer Meytal Cohen being the victim this time around……….

We got the power! Well………. generators that is! We’ll run 6 x 1000 kVA generators in sync for all show critical gear on this show.

Our scaff crew has been making great progress overnight and the plattform for the commenator boxes is more or less done. I wish I could tell them how many boxes to build……… maybe tomorrow!

The PRG video crew has very busy days ahead. The lost ship was found and so was the 6 missing containers. They are pushing hard to assemble all the triangles on the SL side of the hall.

At the same time, the PRG rigging crew is busy with building the structure for the triangles so we can get them rigged and out of the way asap.

The main center triangle is in placed and rigged on Stage Kinetik winches. Once all the triangles are up in the air, we can move in with the stage platform. We’re running a bit behind schedule on this part, but I’m confident that we’ll catch up within a couple of days.

Onwards and upwards! See you all tomorrow!

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