April Fools Day and we managed to get through the day with no pranks!
Officially anyway………..
Today we continued to do the rigging points for the mothergrid. We also managed to get a cleaning team to go up in the roof, which is nice, since it is kind of dirty up there. As usual, when you do a big one off show like this, there are some speed bumps that you need to pass, but it feels like we already passed most of the major ones, and the daily routines are starting to work.
9 a.m. Day Two
Rigging of the mothergrid is kind of tricky, since it will carry A LOT of weight, that needs to be distributed over a big area, so the roof doesn’t cave in. We’ve also found a way to forward approx 15 tons of the load on the mothergrid to the ground via a huge scaff construction.
The main cable truss for the stage, spanning from the Stage Right dimmer area to the Stage Left dimmer area.
Our superstar production assistant Victoria Trofimova is fixing the air conditioner. Our show producer Tarmo Krimm thinks this is very funny.
Manni Janssen, our headrigger for the mothergrid; Frank Karpinski, our crew chief for the lighting crew, and Matthias Rau, our on site manager in our technical production office.
They got the nicest room, in return, I stole their refrigerator Cool
Rich Gorrod (in blue) and Dave Hallet (in orange) are our happy little Islanders, dreaming of tea and scones!
Tea is arranged now, scones are a bit of a problem……………..
So, why not start a new thing! The warning sign of the day thing!
So, here is the very first one, in a loooooooooooong row!
Ok kids, time to get back to work!
See y’all tomorrow!
Over and out from Moscow.
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