April 03


Shalom and all that dear readers! Here is another day of many!

You’ll be introduced to a long row of people during the next couple of weeks, so we better get started! And why not start at the top! Let me introduce you to our Executive Producer Zivit Davidovitch! At our first meeting in August last year, she claimed that she and her people were creative, spontaneous, crazy and fun. She was 100% correct. Thanks for having us here darling! It’s been a blast!

Say HELLO to our TV Producer Meytal Cohen! Always sharp, always kind, always ready to put out any fire that lands on her desk. Crazy? Hell yes! Wonderful? Hell yes!

Here’s another Cohen for you! Our Show Producer Yuval Cohen. He insisted that I used a picture where he looks really busy. So this is completely staged! Just saying……. But that aside, he has an amazing show in stock for you guys. I can already now claim that the show part, openings and interval acts, will blow your socks off!

My sister from another mister! There is a long going argument whom brought the spiky hair into Eurovision. Was it me, or was it our Head of Event, Tali Eshkoli? I’ll get back to you as soon as we have figured this out. I’ve known this beutiful creature for many many years, since she has been a part of the Israeli Eurovision delegations forever. Which is quite remarkable since she is only 27 years old. Like me!

I promise you that we’ll do a deep dig into the rigging department at a later stage this year. Here is a top view of the rigging land from the catwalk.

And here is one of the 132 holes that we had to make to access the top beams in the venue ceiling. I believe that these holes have created more fuzz than any other item in this production to be honest. But we’re almost there, and this job will be completed tomorrow.

The first two rigging points of Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is in da house! Historic milestone for sure. Missed by almost everyone, but not me, your Swedish Eurovision anchor on the web!

But more importantly! The first delivery from the Swedish Embassy aka Ikea arrived to the production office today! 15 kg of fine meatballs going into the production freezer. The daily meatball parties at the production office starts tomorrow at 17:00. Be there, or be not.

We’ve also stocked up with lingonberry jam for the meatballs, gingerbread cookies, dill chips and salty liquorice. You can’t just eat hummus!


While we are struggling with starting our build, Alexandro Kröger is almost done with his build. Here is the annual of the Eurovision Stage, in Lego. Alexandro has promissed to send me more images when it’s done.That was all from the dream factory today!


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