I was seriously thinking about cancelling today’s update of the blog due to the current terror events happening in Stockholm. But then I thought, FUCK that! This is exactly what they want. To follow their screwed up ideals, and become a victim of fear. So, as a tribute and respect to the victims of todays attack, we’ll go ahead and publish this anyway! We will not back down. #fuckterrorism


Hello music lovers! Ok, let’s continue the catch up! The nice weather is temporarily gone, so the windbreaker came in handy after all!

After spending a couple of days banging truss together, running a lot of cables for this and that, and installing 112 Cyberhoists, the mother grid was ready to fly and be dead hung. Good job rigging team!

Our stage has arrived! It will be built by Unbranded from Holland. But their massive load of Bitterballen got stopped in customs. Damn!

The IEC is a big empty box, which is great since our creative team can be very free in their mind when creating this production, with very little limitations from the venue itself. But this means that someone has to build a pretty big Grand Stand.

Imagine that……. Barco HDQ-2K40 with High End MMS mirrors on one of my productions……….. shocking………..

More fun toys! The brand new Clay Paky Scenius is in da house!

We might as well hang some speakers too while we are at it. But we got weeks to go!

Who are these two muppets?

Aaaaaaaaaaw! It’s my Operations Manager Anders Karlsson and my Head Rigger John van Look!

We started to build the main arks for the stage as well. The whole structure is outlined by Schnick Schnack.

The video wall is coming together quite nicely. We are using 12mm ROE in the center and ROE 18 on the outer side. There will be a massive matrix of lights behind the screen, including 350 units of the brand new Elation Paladin High Output LED Strobe.

A flock of Cyberhoist!

The lighting team had prepped all the trusses on the ground, so once the mother grid was up, they were rolled in on cases and got rigged VERY fast!



And now for today’s victims…..

Name: Tobias Brodde

Title: He draws pictures

OM: What’s on the top of your Bucket List?

TB: Great Wall of China.  OM: Why?  TB: It has a great history! Don’t you want to see it?  OM: I’ve seen it! There was a wall behind the Radisson in Beijing.

OM: What’s your best pick up line?

TB: “I’m small and my technique is bad, but I’m very polite.”

OM: What are you doing here?

TB: I’m drawing pictures:

And as promised….my first Vlog!!! Click on Vika to watch!

We’re still learning this vlog stuff……

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