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May 11

Hi guys!

First of all, at 9pmCET (May 12) Semi-Final 2 will be broadcast. You can watch it here.

I'm afraid there won't be any updates with pictures today due to way tooooooo much to do :-( Morning started early with a couple of technical tours, then I had to run out to the LLB trade show to do a Q&A session before rushing back to the venue and do Dress Rehearsal 3 for Semi Final 2. The second that was done, I had a walk around with the Justin Timberlake management to make sure that we are all on track for tomorrow morning's closed rehearsal. I was done just in time to make it back into the front of the stage for the traditional crew photo, before I had to do three different interviews for this and that. I had 12 minutes to spend on dinner, and now I'm sitting at my position up at FOH, ready for yet another live broadcast for a couple of hundred million live viewers. AND I'M LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Hopefully I'll be able to do better with the diary tomorrow!


Big hugs from the Glitter Cave we call home.

Ola Mumsig.




May 10

Yesterday feels like 2 days.....many ups and downs but ended with a fantastic broadcast!

My day started with a trip over to LLB, a Scandinavian lighting & sound trade show.


Me and Fredrik did a one hour Q&A at ESC Land, the exhibition booth that we have on the show floor for our technical partners. Then it was time for the first ever Bullen Awards where we handed out awards to these two fine nominees. Lifetime Acheivment Award to Björn Lehnberg and Visionary Award to Eric Holmberg! So proud over this prize and hopefully this will now be a part of our industry on a yearly basis! Much love to all that made this happen, Bullen's family, Saskia and the kids. Bullen's sister Erika Lagerbielke who designed the fantastic crystal prize. Fredrik Jönsson for coming up with the idea together with me and Linnea Nivvan who made it all happen, and finally Christer Björkman, our Contest Producer and good friend of Bullen who was the moderator of the ceremony. Finally a BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors, Barco, ETC and LLB for all the help!
And thanks to all who came to share this special moment. So many mixed emotions of joy, sadness and just complete emotional black out.
Let's make this even bigger next year! ‪#‎bullenawards‬

Then it was about time to rush back to the Globe for dress rehearsal 3 and the Semi 1 broadcast. Congratulations to the 10 Finalists:


Here they are in the order they were announced:






The Netherlands!










Czech Republic!




and Malta!


Very funny surprise at the beginning when Måns and Petra said "Welcome Europe" and Europe (the band) started playing "Final Countdown." OK, it wasn't Europe the real band - these guys have performed around Sweden for years and are very talented and looked just like them! You know, my friend Niclas used to tell girls I was the keyboard player for Europe. Of course this only worked in America (well......Vegas).


The interval act in semifinal one featured "The Grey People" highlighting the current refugee situation around the world. Click on the image to watch this amazing dance act by our own Benke Rydman.


And our wonderful changeover crew busted their ass for 30 very short seconds in between every performance. Here you can see the stage markings for Austria while the smoke clears from Cyprus. A very positive side effect of having an LED floor.


And for the first time in Eurovision history they are allowing the Big 5 plus last year's winner, who are already qualified to the Finals, to perform their songs live for the audience instead of just showing a video clip like in years past. Here's Frans from Sweden! They actually did the live performance at rehearsals on May 9 then showed the live clip to the broadcast audience on the 10th, but they won't be voted on until the Finals. Sweden, Spain and France were shown last night and UK, Germany and Italy will be shown during Semi-final 2.

But hey! We just have one down, and two to go, so I really got to run!

But before I go, I need to share the calculations that Gustav Thyden did regarding power consumption of lighting in this show.

We have 1296 PDU Channels with separate residual current devices. This is equivalent to the amount of fuses in 100 mid size apartments when it comes to the switches and 1 400 apartments when it comes to the residual current devices.

We also have 6 dimmer channels!

We are comsuming 80 000Ah on a regular day of rehearsal or programming. This is exactly the amount of energy required to make 514 cubic meters of microwave popcorn. But it would take 3 years of constant popping if you only have one microwave oven.

So, if we look at the total amount of energy that lighting is consuming throughout this production, we could pop 15 000 000 liters of popcorn. Enough to fill ¼ of the Globe Arena. But we would need to spend 90 years of constant popping to do it, if we only use one microwave oven. And we would have to spend 10 000 000€ on the microwave corn, if we want popcorn with butter flavor, and how can you not want butter flavor on your popcorn?

Onwards and POPwards!


Photo credits: The Netherlands, Croatia and Austria - Andres Putting, EBU



May 9

Sorry to be short but it's one of those days......Broadcast Day!

First, the big news:


Yes, it's true! Justin Timberlake will be performing at the Eurovision Finals on May 14. Click on his image for more details.

Now I gotta run - it's Semi-Final 1 broadcast! Click here to watch!

Sorry so short......I am firing my admin assistant tomorrow.




May 8


ola jerry

Jerry Appelt is in da house! Jerry was the Lighting Designer for Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and 2012, and he is here with the German Delegation, to make sure we don't screw up their song! Click on the image to see one of my favorite songs we did back in 2011!


And we didn't screw it up! Germany looks great!

ireland discoballs

So do the Irish balls! Disco balls that is!


We had all of the big five on stage for their second rehearsal today. This inlcudes Italy. Thanks for the rubber duck!


His name is Sven, and I adopted him when he was fired from the Italian performance. He keeps me company at FOH now.


So...... for some reason, there is this Finnish seal that has his own webcam. And for some reason Mikki and his team have been keeping a close eye on him for the past three days............. and for some reason, I don't get it. Should I tell them about all the porn you can find on the net???? Click on this image, and you can watch him too! (The seal, not the porn.) He rolls into the water at night so if it's dark, check back later.

poland aquabeams

I just had to talk about this fixture a bit more! Aquabeam is absolutely killing it at Eurovision. Failure rate so far is only 2 fixtures out of 67, four weeks running, 16 hours a day. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzap!

ukraine laser

Oh! We have laser too! We use it for the German laser trees, but we're also doing a laser cube for Ukraine's song 1944 performed by Jamala, that has been climbing on the betting charts the past 48 hours, and is now in second place!

scary tobbe

For some reason, the amount of visitors to my office has dropped severely since I put up this poster on the door. Thank you Tobbe for keeping all scary people away!

One of Sweden's biggest newspappers happily reported that we have 43 countries in the show this year. Thank you so much for being on top of the game..........

Gotta run!



May 7

Hi Everyone! I'm stepping in for Ola today. He went to Euroclub last night and drink way too many......Cokes.

So I went out to visit the guys from Aggreko to find out how they handle the massive energy requirements for this show!


We'll start with meeting the crew. From top to bottom: Grant Denny, Graham Marks, Greg Shepherd, Paul Isley, Tomas Maliauskas, and Rob Finan.


We have a total of 10 generators for the show with an available capacity of 4.6 MW available. We've typically been running five, with the load evenly distributed among the five generators, but we will use all 10 for the broadcast, just because we can! (We don't actually need all 10.) The load is evenly distributed automatically and if one generator fails it automatically transfers its load evenly among the remaining nine generators.


Each generator has its own fuel tank using HVO which is more environmentally friendly than diesel. We are using approximately 4000 litres per day and we estimate to use approximately 150,000 litres total.


The generators then go through the breaker panels - two generators per panel.


From the breakers they go through the distribution panels before heading in to the Globe.


Here is the very nice cable run from all the generators up to the Globe. I know some of you out there may not think this is anything interesting but I also know a lot of people that get very excited over such neat cable runs. Once inside, they're running along the ceilings over our heads in the hallways so the tall people have to watch their heads. This is especially true for Ola on a segway!

Only the house lights and other day-to-day electricity is supplied by the Globe itself.

Short and sweet today folks but I think we all learned something!

Did you know that wind power is quite popular in Sweden? It has lots of fans.







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