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May 1


Ola: I’m swamped as usual today so I asked Joan to show you our crew of very talented cameramen (camerapeople?)  Over to you, Joan!

Me: So today I’d like to introduce most of our extremely talented camera crew (not all – I missed a few, or maybe they were hiding from me but I will find them!) Then I was trying to find a creative way to introduce them all, instead of just “Here’s Niklas, he operates the camera over there.” “Here’s Pernilla, she operates the camera up there.”

Maybe a song? a poem? Nope. It was going from bad to worse, so I actually googled “creative ways to introduce people” and the results were quite funny and inspiring! So here we go, for better or worse…….


This is Mr. Zivojinovic, but you can call him Dragan.


 Announcing steadycam man, Stefan. Here I think he's filming me!


I've been dying for you to meet Björnar!


Daniel sits at the disco desk stage left with Kristian, the Saab cowboy. Oh, I mean "Slim".


This is Johannes. He’s on facebook!


Allow me to present Kalle and Sebastian. They are looking very comfortable.


Michele and Tomas think puppies are cute too! You guys have so much in common!


I'd like to introduce Cecilia. This is just proof that Sweden is filled with beautiful blondes!


Here's P-O. It stands for Per Olaf, not "pissed off" FYI.........


That's Pernilla up top and Andreas ("Adde") - they are in the center of the arena floor and hopefully won't get mobbed by all the crazy fans.


Ingela films from the front edge of the stage and has the best view of all the great shoes. So jealous!

Niclas web

Have you met my friend Niclas? Here he was filming a super secret thing so I had to crop that out.


This is Niklas. Déjà vu! We have two!


This is Niklas. Can it be? We have three!


Diary reader, have you met Pernilla? I believe you both share a love of reading Jane Austen while walking on the moors.

All silliness aside, this is SUCH a talented group! There are 22 cameras running simultaneously for the show and I challenge you to watch any of the broadcasts and try to see another camera. You won't. It's perfectly executed and impressive to watch!

Less than 2 weeks to go! Bye for now!





April 30

Since delegations are about to hit Stockholm, it's time to learn some new words, in order to greet them properly. Or........ you can do like me, and just find funny words and put them in context that does not make any sense at all. Therefore, the greeting today will be in German: Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung!

Just so you know............


So, since Swedish Television could post this picture on their webpage, I see no reason why I can't do the same. This is from one of the super secret rehearsals going on in the venue right now, which clearly is not that super secret after all............. I'm sure that some of you that watched last year's show remember that little cartoon boy in Måns Zelmerlöw's winning performance. Well......we brought him to life! It's quite amazing what you can do with today's technology! Billy, the little boy we just brought to life, will fly too. I know....... we're awesome!

mans 1

In the opening of Semi Final 1, Måns will perform his winning song together with a whole pile of cute little children. We would like to thank Lina Åhman for these photos, since we are a polite bunch.


But it's time for more hugs now! Here is Lucas, our head of lampies!


Here is Carsten who is the Cyberhoist tech from Litecom. He speaks German, so he can tell you what my greeting on top means.


Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww! Pierre is one of delegation hosts, making sure that each and every delegation gets from point A, to B, to C and so on.


And here is his body double and team mate Carl-Philip. They've been running the backstage logistics on Melodifestivalen for years, and this is their third Eurovision Song Contest.


And here are the two superstars that make sure that ALL our dancers and performers for openings and interval acts have something to wear. This also includes our hosts of course. Say hello to Pia and Lisa, our wardrobe magicians!


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I need to visit wardrobe more often........ and now you know what the catchline stands for........


Lets wrap up today with a cute family moment from the Durango family! Seen in a bar on the southside of Stockholm yesterday evening.

Be nice to your kids. They'll choose your nursing home.





April 29


No, not me........ the REAL King!

king carl

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is turning 70 today! Sweden has been a Monarchy for almost 1 000 years, and most of us Swedes are VERY proud of our Royal Family. Those that are not can F off if you ask me.

hosts reh

Right now we're rehearsing interval acts, openings and voting. All SUPER secret, so we can't show you anything from this. Besides one thing! It looks like the Bolibompa Dragon is one of our secret guest stars in Green Room............Imagine that!

So, since we can't show what is going on inside the venue, let's take the Segway out for a spin and see if we can find someone to shock!


Why not start at the top, with our Head of Press: Lotta Loosme. Luckily this lovely lady wasn't too busy for a quick hug from moi!


Or Sven! Proud and longlasting member of the change over crew.


Or our dear choreographer Martin Kagemark, who has been putting so much blood, sweat and tears into the stand-in rehearsal students.


And his co choreographer Lotta Furebäck who has put in just as much passion in this as Martin. Once we come in to the real rehearsals, they will be the link between the artist, the delegation and the multi camera director regarding the choreo, which cameras to look in and when, turn this way instead of that, and all the other small details that make ALL the difference between a good and a GREAT on-camera performance. Can she dance? Well........... she toured the world for decades with the Swedish Dance Group BOUNCE. Click on her image, and you can see for yourself. The clip is the interval from Eurovision 2000.


Mmmmmmmmm! Jaska was our Head Rigger on Eurovision 2007 in Finland. He is here doing big KABOOM with Pyroman!


Here is Linda from Gothenburg. She is working with the "feel good" department, making sure that we have fresh fruit, coffee, tea and cookies. Is she involved with the fish massacre that is going on in catering?????


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! I found NEMO!


Rooooooooooooooooock! Björn Fors is not only incredibly funny, and he is not only a lighting tech on our crew. He has a band too! Click on his image to see how awesome he and his band are!

What's black and white and eats like a horse?

A zebra.

Now we are off to celebrate VAPPU. If you don't know what that is, please click HERE!




April 28

It's Kaboom time!

Banana Single

If you're afraid of things that go Kaboom, click the banana and watch that instead.

For everyone else, let's face it - we love pyro effects. Well, so does Eurovision! There's nothing like fireworks to pump up the already insane crowd. Let's talk to the crazy Finn that makes this happen for us!

markku desk

Meet Markku Aalto of Pyroman. These guys know what they're doing. And they should! This is Pyroman's seventh Eurovision! Did you know that security uses Markku's clothes to train their bomb sniffing dogs?


And here's the whole gang from left to right: Teemu, Jaska, Markku, Teppo, Ari and Teemu. If you see these guys runnung, try to keep up!


Yesterday started with a scheduled inspection with the fire marshal. This is to ensure all effects are following required safety guidelines.


So they demonstrate everything! Firebursts.....


Airblasts.... (oops.....excuse me!)




And fire! (Wow - what did I eat for dinner last night?!!)


All effects are pre-programmed and triggered via timecode through the Fire Control desk on the left, with the exception of wind machines and fog, which are controlled manually via the grandMA on the right (the "mini MA"). This desk has a clear line of sight to the stage so the guys can visually confirm that the necessary areas are all clear and the timecode can be overridden if anything is out of place.

So which songs will have a kaboom, bang or fffffffhhhhhsssttt? Sorry, I can't tell you who's using what, but I can promise you WILL be impressed.


Morgan is happy with the fireworks show. You guys are going to love it too!

You know you're a pyrotechnician when you wash your hands before you take a leak!




April 27


I would like to send a BIG special thank you to the Sweden spring weather. We are all actually quite happy to spend all our days indoors at the moment..........


Remember the followspot operators I introduced yesterday? Here are the 6 brave souls that have to hang from the ceiling during all rehearsals and broadcasts! We shoot both pyro and laser at them, but they are still quite happy.


Meggie! People, meet Meg Sciarini. She was sent here all the way from Austin, Texas! We have the BRAND NEW UNO from High End Systems in our show, and she is here to make sure they are all happy, which they are. Great lttle fixture! And nice having neighbours stopping by in our glitter cave.


Meet Jennie Gunnarsson, one of our professional massage therapists on site to help the crew when our muscles get too sore! Jennie has given massages to VIPs and even world leaders while working at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.  Needless to say, Jennie is not allowed to talk about who she's met, but her best friend Eva tells a little more, since she never signed an NDA :-)

(Hey crew - if you go to the online booking site don't type WWW first. The site is on the door next to first aid.)


And here's Mattias Carlsson, our Viewing Room Manager. But why is he blue? And why is he sitting in a sofa not doing anything? Why?????


We're all blue because they've been serving fish for lunch in catering for the past three weeks! Oh yes, I forgot, that's why he was blue. I guess the chef thinks of us as seals or something. Who else eats fish 7 days a week? So, a protest was put into place, and today they served pork! Another victory!


I was quite funny. I had 14 followspots tracking every move I made during my protest. If you're gonna do it, do it in style!


Hey look! Grumpy must have gotten a raise. Either that or he stole this hover board! Mine is still bigger............

ola tobias

Throwback Thursday takes us back to Turkey in 2004. Quite ironically, this picture was taken at a REALLY good fish restaurant in the Kumkapi area in Istanbul. A young Melzig with a fork up his nose together with an even younger Tobias Åberg, without a fork up his nose.


I've just deleted all the German names off my phone.

Now it's Hans free.




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