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May 6

Wazz up music lovers?

Right now we are in the middle of really long days of full production rehearsals. Today we did 9,5 hours of music, and then we had another 3 hours of viewing, so eyes are sore at the moment. But before we know it, we'll be in broadcast week, which we all are longing for right now!

toomas ola arte

Big day in the Eurovision world today. Toomas Vann to the left, was my system manager when I did the Closing Ceremony of the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan last year. He and his buddy Arte are on their way to Milan, and made a 3 hour pit stop at the Globe to check things out. SO GOOD to see you buddy! Click on the image, if you want to see the highlights of the, by far coolest show in the world last year!


Speaking of Azerbaijan! Here they are on stage, with waterfall and all!


Here's our wonderful press center for newspapers, magazines, websites and everything else around the world. It's actually not very full right now. We're expecting 1500 press representatives and only about 750 have picked up their accreditations so far. This is located at the Hovet Hockey Venue, and you just hop into a golf cart at the loading area at Globe, and two minutes later, you are there. And you don't even have to go outside! Very handy when it's raining!


Here's where all the countries hold their press conferences. You can watch all the press conferences on www.eurovision.tv plus learn just about anything relating to Eurovision!


We also had France on stage for the first time yesterday.


And Montenegro was rocking out big time too.


Here the current look of San Marino, after more than 20 different briefs.............

armenia aerialprojections

And Armenia! The white beams are not lights! They are created by the 6pcs of Barco HDQ40 that we have rigged behind the stage, all equipped with High End MMS mirrors. Supa cool!


Can I do one more picture with Armenia? SURE It's MY blog and I LOVE Iveta Mukuchyan and her song LoveWave!

ola philipp

Let's wrap up today's post with this GREAT guy! Filipp Kirkorov is bigger in Eastern Europe than Elvis Presley ever was in the rest of the world. And he is the NICEST guy! Great to see you again buddy! Filipp has written You are the Only One, performed by Sergey Lazarev for Russia. This song has been number 1 on the betting charts since day one, and it comes with a great performance! Click on the image if you want to see what we did for Filipp's song back in 2007!

You don't have to be an idiot to be in this industry...... but it sure as hell helps!

Se y'all tomorrow.




May 5

Hamburger for everyone! We are continuing on the German track. Yes, hamburger is a German word!

Anyway, here is some more love from the Eurovision Planet.

team skane

Let's start off the day with our Angry Sign Lady Maria Boklund. She is our Health & Safety manager, and she absolutely LOVES signs! Especially angry ones!

frida viktor

This has resulted in that our Set Designers Frida & Viktor are quite upset with all signs warning about their very dangerous stage!


It has also resulted in that Christer Björkman now is depressed and has actually started to smoke cracked opium (is that even a thing?????) in a vaporizor in front of the stage.


But at least one of our two Executive Producers Johan Bernhagen is very happy! It might have something to do with the alternative fish free catering that was going on in the backstage area yesterday.


In yet another protest against fish, we decided to fry a pretty big pile of Bitterballen and go to town!


So, despite the fact that the entire production crew is running away from the venue to eat out during lunch and dinner breaks, we actually manage to get them all back just in time for the next rehearsal. Here is Albania on stage. As you can see, Elvis really likes this song!


Bulgaria on stage. Their song is performed by Poli Genova who was representing them back in 2011 as well. She was also the host for the Eurovision Song Contest Junior in Bulgaria last year.


Denmark on stage with their boyband Lighthouse X. But hang on, if the qualification for being a boy band is a band full of boys, would that qualify Iron Maiden or Metallica to be the same? And would they like that? So many questions.........


In Georgia's song Midnight Gold, performed by Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz, Fredrik Jönsson FINALLY found a song where he could fullfill a long life dream, bring down the back followspots in shot. Georgia was quite happy about this move.


They became even more happy when we started to shoot bombs and strobe with 900 lights.


Fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & Kaboooooom


We continued with beams and CO2 Jets in Norway's Icebreaker performed by super hot and pretty Agnete!


And why not bring in a guy flying on a pole for Slovenia's song? The more stuff, the funnier!


We ended the day with putting the Ukraine singer in a lighting beam cage. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap!

Ok, got to run! Have exactly 20 minutes to grease something in my face before first rehearsal for France!






May 4


We stick to traditions within the Eurovision Song Contest! One of them is the fact that spring arrives the same day as the Delegation does. It is also from this day that most of us don't have a chance to leave the venue to enjoy the wonderful weather that we have all been waiting for, for so long. But one day, very soon, it's all over and done, and we can all go back to a bit more normal life (yeah right.........)

christer conchita

In 2014, Austria won the show with an artist named Conchita Wurst. Wurst means sausage in German, and that is exactly what I was thinking of when I saw that song on TV.......... Click on this image to see our own Christer Björkman killing it! And her/him. Sometimes you scare me.........

christopher fredrik

And from Christer to Kristoffer Röhr. This fine gentlemen, here together with our Lighting Designer Fredrik Jönsson, was the Lighting Designer for Eurovision Song Contest 2000. And he is the sole reason why Fredrik and I do the shows we do, and operate on the level we do these days. I can not thank you ENOUGH Kristoffer! SO good to see you again! Click on the image, and you might find something from 2000!


We got PIXMOB IN DA HOUSE! We are using a new type of medallion this year, and we are projecting the IR signal with video projectors, that actually allows us to play out video content on the 10 500 medallions used per show. Will look totally AWESOME! Alezandra and Nina have the fun job of sorting through all of them!

floor exit

It's very practical to have an LED floor on a show with 50 different acts. We use it to project the stage plot for all the different acts, which means that we don't have to use a single piece of tape to mark any queue spots. And we also put out arrows to show the flow for the delegations when they enter or exit the stage.


Speaking of artist! Let's see what we were up to today! We had the central European country Australia on stage! Welcome back, as a permanent member of our family. Dami Im is here with a GREAT song called Sound of Silence. How can there be sound of silence? It's like less is more? No, more is more! Click the image, and Yngwie Malmsteen will explain it for you! Anyway.......... it's a REALLY good song, and it's one of two songs using Hologauze!


We also have a Musion screen on stage for Belarus. Here is Ivan and Ivan! One of them is a hologram, the other one is not. If you can guess what is what, I'll buy you a cheeseburger, since I ran out of crew shirts!


We had a big international popstar on stage today as well. Nicky Byrne is not only a former goalkeeper in Leeds United, he is also a former member of Westlife. Within soon, he may very well be a former winner of Eurovision Song Contest. He is here competing for his motherland - Ireland. The asked us to do everything in green - we said NO! Is this when I should tell a potato joke by the way? Ok, very well then! How do you describe an angry potato? Boiling mad........

Editor's note: This is actually Donny Montell performing for Lithuania. But all the stuff about Nicky is true! We'll show him on May 7. (Did anyone else notice this?)

We got Israel on stage as well yesterday! Hovi Star is singing Made of Stars, with stars in the floor and in the backwall. Can anyone sense where we are going with this?
And here is Michał Szpak who is representing Poland. I think we need to work on that font Mikki! We had a bunch of others as well, but we can't take pictures of everything! Got to work too!
fennikas shoes
Let's wrap up today with Fennika in her cozy shoes, Kristoffer chatting with one of camera directors Daniel Jelinek, while Fredrik Jönsson is talking to TV-Legend Bo Wahlberg, and Calle Brattberg has escaped from FOH and is robbing the coffee table right outside my office!
Onwards and upwards!

May 3

Weinerschnauzer to you all! I knoooooooooooow, we've been keeping you from seeing pictures of our stage in full action a bit too long now, so let's change that!


And what better way to start than with Armenia! Iveta Mukuchyan is absolutely on FIRE in her performance. Damn this is good!


Or why not some good old rock from Cyprus? Lots of beams, and lots of wolves. You'll know what I mean when you see the broadcast!


Welcome back Czech Republic and Gabriela Gunčíková. Trust me, this girl can SING!


Here's another great singer, with a very cool performance. Greta Salóme has an additional screen on stage with content that she interacts with. It's a VERY tricky performance and we are working very hard with getting keylight and camera angles correct for this song. But it starts looking really good.


We're using yet another Barco HDQ40 to do this stunt and we project on a Gerriets Show Black screen that gives us the ultimate contrast.


Russia rocking it. Sergey Lazarev is delivering, and is still on top of most betting charts. Sochi next year? Sign me up!


And here is Dea Norberg!!!!! This girl is better than sliced bread and her carreer is quite amazing. You can read about it HERE! She is one of the backing vocals for both Azerbaijan and Australia in this show, and oh.... I almost forgot......... for some reason she is also dating our Logistic Manager Erik Blomdahl.........whom is most probably gonna kill me after that link.........


The Globe Arena complex includes four venues. This is one of them, The Annex. We turned it into the Delegation Bubble.


This is where they have their dressing rooms, hair and make up, and apparently lots of cookies and candy.


Thanks for sugaring them up before they come down to me for rehearsals. I sit together with the delegations in front of the stage for their first rehearsal. We do three run throughs of each performance, and I do live notes for video and lighting while Lotta and Martin take care of camera and choreography. The idea is that we will weed out any major problems before the delegations go to the viewing room, so they can focus on camera shots and broadcast sound in there. This usually works very well. Here we are with the Armenian Delegation, who happens to have one of my favorite Head of Delegations: Ms. Gohar Gaparyan.

sofia sanna

I'm not sure how I managed to miss these two superstars for so long in this blog. Anyway, here they are! Sanna and Sofia are running our feel good department, and their assistant Tor is apparently a famous international shoe model who helps in catering part time. They make sure that all coffee stations are full with candy, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and home made cookies at all times.  You are the WEEEEE in AWEEEESOME!

jussi janette

And look! It's Mini Me!!!!!!!! And his lovely girlfriend Janette. Jussi Kallioinen was my local technical production manager when we did Eurovision Song Contest in Finland 2007. Oh gosh, that was SUCH a great project! And Jussi, a LOT of it was thanks to YOU! Super love you buddy, and REALLY good to see you again!


And why not end today with my new favorite dog breed in the world. If you don't have a Weinerschnauzer yet, go out and get one NOW. So much cooler than THIS.

Clearly I need some sleep now............




May 2

So, as many of you have figured out by now, we do have TWO Technical Directors on this show. Besides me looking after show, we have Pelle Hövde looking after all cameras, OB trucks, Intercom, Commentator boxes and all that jazz. It’s all in the spirit of: stick to what you know, and there is NO ONE in the world that knows enough of both broadcast AND show to be the Technical Director of both on a show of this scale. Many have tried, and they all failed. And so did their budgets………


And here he is! Our Technical Director for Broadcast, Pelle Hövde and his camping car! Let’s peek into his wonderful world of stuff.


The main OB truck is the heart of the broadcast. And it’s also the home of a lot of people, spending an endless amount of hours every day, to get every single shot correct.


Every shot in this show is scripted. All seven hours of live broadcast.


We are using cue pilot to cut this show, which means that we can timecode all the camera shots, so they appear exactly in the correct moment of the song. But this doesn’t mean that we skipped the operator for the vision mixer. He knows the songs as well as the computer, and is the physical back up if the cue pilot decided to have a melt down. The biggest advantage of using this system is that we can cut between different cameras faster than in any other way, and it always tells us what shot, what camera and the duration of the shot we are in when rehearsing, or reviewing rehearsals.


Here is the EBU switch that Felix is putting together in the MCR (Master control room). This is where all votes are received, and all broadcast links are sent out to the rest of the world.


Here is the patch panel on the OB truck. This is where all cameras are connected, and this is also from where we feed the EBU switch with the host broadcast feed. This feed is done by two separate fibers to give us full back up on it and it’s distributed to the world via two satellite dishes parked out in the OB Compound.


This is one of our Multi Camera Directors, Daniel Jelinek who is doing opening and intervals in Semi Final 1 and the songs in Semi Final 2.


This is Daniel's DA Fennika.


And here is our second Multi Camera Director Robin Hoffwander who is doing the first Semi Final and opening and interval acts in Semi Final 2. In the Final, they are both rowing the boat to shore. Robin and Daniel did Eurovision 2013 together as well.

There is an average of 70 camera shots per song, and we have 42 songs. Then you can add three openings, and 5 interval acts, plus a bunch of 30 second thingies here and there, so I dare to say that we have more scripted camera shots than in ANY other show in the world.

Because we are awesome………….




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